Patent is a grant given by the Government to an inventor for having made an invention, which possesses the property of novelty, non-obvious and industrial utility. Once granted, a patent gives the inventor the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, importing or offering for sale the invention for the duration of the patent term.

  • Process Patent:Process patent is granted for the process of obtaining the product but not the product itself. For example process patent is granted for Global Positioning System (GPS). Process patent may include any type of process which is new, inventive in nature and has industrial application.

  • Product Patent:Product patent is granted for the end product and not for the process. To obtain a Product patent the product must be new, inventive in nature and involves industrial application. Some of the examples of Product patent are Quadcopter drone, I-phone device etc.

    Services Offered

    • Prior art search
    • Advisory, and suggestions
    • Research and Drafting
    • Provisional specification
    • Complete specification
    • Legal Paper work
    • Objection clarification, and reply
    • Prosecution and Defense
    • Follow up with the Registry and related authorities.
    • Tentative Time schedule for Patents:
      • Prior art search: 10-12 days
      • Provisional specification:15-20 days
      • Complete specification: 25-28 days
    • We shall require inputs from the owner of the patent regarding differences between their invention and Prior Art. Search after we give them the initial search report.
    • A questionnaire shall be given to the patent owner to describe the patent, on the basis of which we shall proceed with the search, and filing.
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