Cyber Security

As a team we research and understand the business and design legal policies to meet the client’s needs. Our cyber law due diligence process includes identify potential threats to cybersecurity and develop privacy and security policies to eliminate or mitigate the cyber risk. We deal in Communications and information technology, IT, cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, Consumer data privacy. We draft IT agreements, data policy and terms conditions of Goods or services offered by a company.

On the prosecution front, we prosecute on behalf of people whose data has been hacked or the data theft has occurred and faced privacy breaches. As well we ally with Cyber security professionals to conduct Cyber Security Investigation in light of scenario where there is breach of data/ privacy online.

Furthermore, we recover and acquiring domain names. We represent in Arbitration on Cyber Security. We conduct Cyber Security and Cyber Crime investigation with the help of the State Police Departments.

Cyber Security Investigation and Management & Advisory: We also have teamed up with Cyber-security professionals and help our clients who have been victims of hacking, bombard duplicate domain names, collecting evidences of hacking.

  • We also provide Management services in the field of Cyber security.
  • Advise clients in the field of Cyber security.
  • We also have teamed up with Cyber-security professionals and also with Maharashtra Police Cyber Cell to help our clients in case of cyber-attacks.
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