Alternate Dispute Resolution


Arbitration is a form of Dispute Resolution wherein both the parties to the dispute by an agreement appoint an arbitrator for the settlement of dispute. The arbitration award granted by the Arbitrator has the same effect as that of a court decree.


Mediation is another form of Dispute Resolution in which essentially a negotiation is carried out by a neutral third party. Unlike Arbitration it does not involve proceedings.ñ


Conciliation is consensual and helps the parties in dispute to settle the same amicably with the aid of neutral third person or institution but the settlement is of the parties themselves.


A non-binding procedure in which discussions between disputing parties are initiated without the intervention of any third party with object of arriving at a negotiated settlement of the dispute.

Our legal services expand to providing and facilitating Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation via our concerned legal experts. Services provided by our Firm include:

  • We mainly specialise in Technology based Arbitration which involves: Intellectual Property disputes, Automobile disputes, Food and Beverages, Energy law disputes, Medicine law disputes, Cyber disputes, Airways and Seaways disputes, Space disputes etc.
  • We also provide mediation and conciliation services to clients in the matters of Divorce, Joint Family Property matters and other Family law related matters.
  • Conducting domestic arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and ICA rules.
  • Rendering mediation services to clients.
  • Representing clients before High Courts and Supreme Court in arbitration petitions
  • Advising clients on the appropriate venue of arbitration and choice of procedural and substantive law
  • Appointment of arbitrator through High Court of Delhi and Supreme Court of India
  • Representing clients before arbitral tribunals with regard to disputes arising out of agreements containing arbitration clause
  • Applying to stay proceedings brought in breach of arbitration clauses
  • Draft arbitration agreements and clauses.
  • Setting parameters of Arbitration
  • Evaluation of Arbitration Agreements
  • Advise on Arbitration Agreements
  • Advising clients and handling arbitration cases related to Information Technology Contracts, Software Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Collaboration Disputes, Contractual Disputes, Construction Agreements, Service Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Supply Contracts, Marketing Agreements, Sale Agreements, etc.
  • Advising clients on conciliation and mediation matters.
  • Advising clients on alternative dispute resolution laws and procedures
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