IP Portfolio Management and Valuation

Intellectual Property Portfolio management is an art. It basically consists of managing your Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Designs or any other form of IPR that that is help by the organization. The process basically consists of understanding your intellectual property to the extent that we can identify, rival brands and rival businesses who are in the same line of production or same line of services.

In the entire process, we analyze, what all could be the possible areas where an individual’s business rival can infringe upon their intellectual property or pass of their intellectual property as their own. The process and procedure consist of studying all the individual’s or the client’s products, services, and all forms of business strategies to be able to understand what makes the individual or the company unique, which helps us to find other brands and to find other companies and organizations who may be using similar strategies or who have copied the subject individual’s or company’s strategies or without the clients knowledge they are making money

This form of search basically is not an easy process and it's a highly time-consuming process for it requires studying the areas of businesses and different areas of services. By conducting a detailed portfolio management, we find out as to who is out there trying to copy the subject individual’s or company’s businesses in order to make big money

IPR Valuation

A lot of times, people do not understand the value of their own intellectual property.

As a part of intellectual property Valuation, we help such individuals and companies create the right value of their IP. Basically, there are trademarks copyrights patents designs which form the fundamental types of intellectual properties.

For these intellectual properties, once the applicant obtains an Intellectual Property registration certificate, he or she tends to believe that the procedure is completed and that they are well protected, but IPR is not always about protection it is always about monetizing the same and turning it into an investment.

Therefore, as a part of our intellectual property valuation procedure we decide a value for the Intellectual Property Pre and Post Registration, based on certain parameters. For example estimating the value of a Trademark, the value of a Copyright, the value of a Patent and helping the owner of the Intellectual property in getting into negotiations for franchising their IP or selling the products in the market or displaying their products in the market or any other action that uses the Owner’s intellectual property, that can create an earnings for the IP owner.

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